Friday, January 10, 2020

Fashion Journalism Courses

If ´Fashion´ is a pile of cocoa beans, then fashion journalists turn it into chocolate. Fashion journalism is about bringing clothing to life, zooming out and putting style in a cultural context; inspiring and informing your reader and figuring out where Fashion might be heading next. The world of fashion journalism is an exciting, fast paced and ever changing profession that can be difficult to break into. In this introductory fashion journalism course you will learn the basics to get your started with your career as a fashion writer.
It’s always about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten.” Charles Daniel McDonald  Editor-In-Chief FORÇ Magazine
You will learn about the history of the fashion media, how the internet is impacting on traditional print journalism and how to develop good writing technique. Each week you will be set a brief and asked to write a piece - which you will be given individual written feedback on. If you meet your weekly deadlines you will watch your writing skills improve, and begin to develop your own unique journalistic ´voice.´

This fashion journalism course is aimed at beginners and those seeking to enhance their general knowledge. Do you see yourself as the next Suzy Menkes? Well, this is the place to start.

The course includes:
  • History of fashion and lifestyle publishing.
  • Online versus print.
  • What makes a good journalist?
  • Understanding your reader.
  • What is Fashion News, and how do you write it?
  • Working with PR.
  • The pieces every fashion journalist must perfect.
  • Interviewing tips and technique.
  • Trends: What are they, how do we spot them, and can we predict them?
  • Feature writing.
  • Pitching to editors, work experience and what happens next.
  • SEO for digital journalism.
  • The application and optimisation of social media and Integrated Marketing Communications.
This course is a live event and you will be required to attend every week (2 hours) for twelve weeks. You will also be required to undertake weekly assignments between sessions and will be expected to dedicate between one to two hours a week to these self-study projects.
You should have an interest in the subject area and a desire to learn but no previous experience is required as this is an elementary level course. Please book as early as possible as this course is limited in number.

Tutor Description

Charles Daniel McDonald is a fashion journalist, presenter and digital media entrepreneur. He received notoriety from the fashion industry through his prolific roles as Editor-In-Chief of FORÇ Magazine and FASHIONmode which is currently broadcast on World Radio Paris / Monaco / BBC World Service DAB 202 Mhz. Before this, McDonald previously held the roles of fashion Director for his FashionFORÇ show on City FM Malaga 106.2FM and 'Charles Does Fashion' on Barcelona City FM 107.3 FM.

In addition to TV and broadcast presenting, he also writes as International Luxury Editor for affluent lifestyle magazine, ALHAN. He is also a published Author and Critic, writing about Fashion and Style where he has worked alongside international design houses such as Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Christian Dior.

As well as being a critically acclaimed journalist and author, he is also the Managing Director of the IMAGINATION HEADQUARTERS, a fashion, communications and marketing company with its headquarters in Paris which represents International acclaimed Celebrity Raphael Pathe, award winning Scottish artist Artist Lisa Keenan among its many clients.

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