Tuesday, September 18, 2018

British Model Claudia Lavender Is Riccardo Tisci's New Burberry Girl

All eyes turned to London today as Riccardo Tisci presented his Burberry debut. While it's the clothes and accessories that will make the biggest impact for the business, other aspects will also contribute to what we understand to be Tisci's new vision for the house. One of the most important? The models cast.

Tisci's Burberry debut will be a landmark in the careers of many of the models that walked the show - Kendall Jenner, Freja Beha Erichsen, Fran Summers, Mariacarla Boscono, Jourdan Dunn - but for no one more than 20-year-old Claudia Lavender.

Leading the finale out, the British model made her first major catwalk appearance, as well as debuting a brand new blonde hair colour. Until now, she'd been a classic brunette English rose.

"I was a little nervous to embrace the change, but I’ve always wanted to try blonde," she told Vogue pre-show, post hair change. "The team at Josh Wood were great - they really put me at ease over it. I absolutely love the colour, it looks so natural and fresh I may actually keep it like this!"

Scouted when she moved to London by her mother agency, Scouting Firm, Claudia has since signed with Next with this being her first job. "It all started when I met Adam Hindle, the casting director. He was so lovely and we got on great. We had a chat about previous work and shows I’d done and he gave me a bit of background about the Burberry show and how it would take shape," she explained.

A meeting with Tisci followed shortly after. "He asked me a few questions about myself and that definitely helped me relax and break the tension before they asked to see my walk."

Lavender's moment in the spotlight comes partly owing to her alignment with Hindle and Tisci's new Burberry woman, but as she explained, its also her agents and her pre-show guiding that lead to that catwalk moment.

"I think everyone gets nervous - especially as this show is so huge, everyone feels the pressure to do well. But it’s exciting too. I'm just trying not to think about it and focus on other things… (like lunch!)," she laughed.

While modelling was something that Lavender fell into, it's clearly a profession that she's now keen to pursue, with a working relationship with Burberry at the forefront.

"I love Burberry as a brand (and what I've seen of their new direction) so hope this leads to working with them more so. I didn’t really have any expectations. So I’m just enjoying the madness of it all and following the lead of my agents."

Her approach to modelling and entering the fashion world is to keep a level head. "I try and stay positive about everything - what goes around comes around," she enthused. "I’m lucky I’ve always had great people around me that have guided me in the right direction, as I guess good advice is priceless."

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