Thursday, August 28, 2014

26 Is Old In Fashion

Seasoned stylist and entrepreneur Linda Rodin has spent 40 years honing her talents, and - unlike some - she's perfectly happy to reveal her age.

"I don't think 66 is old; it's just that - in our culture - 26 is old," Rodin told Matches Fashion magazine, The Style Report. "I have so many friends who are older than me who feel young, too. In the fashion and beauty bubble I am a strange bird, but in the wider context of the world, I'm not."

But, being beautiful and relaxed in her own skin doesn't mean she's immune to a little help - either cosmetically or post-production - with mixed results.

"I thought I looked great until I was 60 - honestly, I didn't see anything wrong. I liked that my face got narrower. But I tried filler about three years ago and one day I looked in the mirror and thought, 'Something's wrong.' My chin was getting bigger and even though my face was smooth, it didn't look pretty to me. You can fill up and smooth out, but it doesn't always look better," she revealed. "I did a shoot for a magazine that was so retouched that I looked like a Martian. I told the editor that she couldn't publish them. But then every face in the magazine - young and old - had been completely redone. I actually like the way I looked. I thought it was funny, but it was such a fraud."

Linda Rodin
In terms of red-carpet style, every stylist has favourites and there's one star who has impressed Rodin of late.

"I've steered away from working with celebrities, because it can be so problematic. To dress somebody who's not sure what they like is too stressful. Emma Stone has a great stylist - she consistently looks good," Rodin said. "But I look at some outfits on the red carpet and I'm like, 'Why did anybody even show you that dress?'"

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