Friday, July 22, 2022

YANINA Couture F/W'22 Collection

Nature as a source of inspiration, an endless field for learning and a place where one’s body, mind, and feelings come to harmony - this was what inspired Yulia Yanina to create her YANINA Couture FW 22/23 Collection. 

This season, YANINA Couture, once again, turns to their key theme: the healing energy of Mother Nature, its beauty and harmony. The Collection features an overwhelming kaleidoscope of beautifully shaped floral elements such as flowers, petals and leaves. These elements play in the air like a transparent voile and glitter with thousands of sequins to showcase the uniquely intricate handwork by the YANINA in-house embroiderers. 

Inspirations also came from a character: Audrey Hepburn whose innocent, disarmingly delicate beauty calls to care and protection. Like nature, beauty of this kind needs no explanation but fills the world with grace and gentleness leading the way to sunlight and peace. 

An absolute icon of her time, Audrey Hepburn keeps inspiring millions of women today to find beauty in femininity. This is what makes her an ideal YANINA character, as the House carries classic beauty throughout its 30-year history telling the story with impeccable silhouettes and immutable haute couture traditions. The designer’s vision of that character comes true with every look within the Collection showing a modern young woman, of a nature that is strong and deep, crystal clear while bold and free-spirited to live her life through all the challenges that one meets nowadays. 

 The Collection is created with YANINA signature fabrics like crépes that are incredibly flexible and shapeable; silk and velvet; charming chiffon, duchesse and organza; and of course famous Italian wools. There is also natural leather that gives a bolder touch and feeling of protection to the delicate looks – yet adding to the overall feminine spirit of the Collection that is a perfect illustration to the YANINA Brand DNA. 

Another part of this DNA is the fascinating hand embroidery that makes each piece of the Couture Collection unique. Every season, new magical fairytales are told by beautiful beads, sequins and threads. 

The color palette of the Collection is based on YANINA’s signature black that lets pink, red and sunny yellow shine through. The impeccable black is both, about the elegance of YANINA Couture and about the anxiety that came to rule the world today. Yet, like the flowers waking up to the morning sun, pink and red splashes arise. A sunrise that brings hope. Followed by a bright yellow, the symbol of the day that is filled with light and energy, with the joy of life. The day that always follows any darkest night, an energy that fills the new Collection and that the designer shares with all of her people.

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