Saturday, July 23, 2022

Leandro Cano Couture - F/W'22 Collection

Welcome to The Dance of the Excluded, where the masks stay at home and the dress code is exempt from armor and frills. Here we come to dance open-hearted, with our lights and our shadows. Our most absolute, purest “I”… for which we have been rejected and excluded, but for which we come today to celebrate and dance until the sun rises.

On July the 5th, the Andalusian designer Leandro Cano will present his next artistic collection ‘CANO: The Dance of the Excluded’, within the Haute Couture Week in Paris. As usual, the designer creates an artistic collection and a ready-to-wear collection, presented last April.

In -Hispania: land of rabbits-, Leandro Cano transported us to an invented space/time that had its roots in the Middle Ages of southern Spain, and which developed a collection in which castles and borders were the common thread, but which was nothing more than a metaphor for the convulsive and agitated times in which we live. It was an analysis of a current society, sometimes advanced and many others with a mentality older than the Middle Ages.

With CANO: the dance of the excluded, the designer from Jaén delves deeper and makes a more introspective journey into that fictional medieval society, in which those who did not belong to ‘normality’ were excluded.

This leads into the creation of 10 models + 1 (one look per year, plus one that includes the others). 11 archetypes, diff erent personalities created through the designs of Leandro Cano. These creations represent diff erent and unique characters, all of them being part of the designer’s personal journey.

Leandro Cano will present his most personal and artistic collection through the symbolic language of these garments. In the collection you could see a reinterpretation of the most iconic pieces of his 10-year career in fashion.

The most prominent materials in the collection will be cotton twill, quilted fabrics, jacquards woven with garment prints, fabrics made on handlooms, leather-based suits, and tailoring wool, gold embroidery, and crochet made with metal chains. Red, blue and gold will be the predominant colors in the collection.

As for the artisanal techniques that have been used, gold embroidery on gold and in wool stand out, elaboration of fabric made on hand looms, with Spanish merino sheep wool, crochet, crochet with mohair, work with embossed leather, elaboration ceramic fajalauza (traditional Andalusian ceramic) and hand-painted garment.

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