Friday, June 26, 2015

Giorgio Armani Is Published

Fans of Giorgio Armani will have a new object of affection next week, as a new Vogue publication, Vogue on Giorgio Armani, celebrating the designer is released.

Penned by Kathy Phillips, international beauty director for Condé Nast Asia Pacific, the tome charts the designer's trajectory from his childhood in Piacenza, to the existence of his eponymous international powerhouse - via the creation of the Armani jacket of course.

"The more I worked on this book the more I thought that Giorgio Armani was a modernist, not a minimalist. He really thinks of the now and of the future. Obviously the man has an awesome legacy and his publicity machine is such that you would think that everything possible had been written," said Phillips. "However, I feel that his capacity for thinking in a modern, visionary way is quite extraordinary. To meet him is to realise that those ice-blue eyes miss nothing. You really have to see Armani in the light of other greats like - I would say Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Cardin and Jeanne Lanvin because he, like them, has done something to move the history of fashion on - to change the structure of the way we dress."

Vogue on Giorgio Armani is published on July 4 by Quadrille.

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