Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Pearl Of Paris - Piege´s Luxury Lingerie

Paris is composed of many ingredients. Luxury, seduction and an appreciation for high quality make this city and its wares a bench mark for opulence and class.

The ongoing emergence of the lingerie industry from its previously resilient marketplace positioning continues. The spectacle and decadence of this once 'under the counter' requisite has given way to a plethora of covetable, fantasy orientated brands such as Victoria´s Secret who produce international annual performances which saturate media for days and weeks after.

Piege Lingerie - Grace Collection
A festoon of precious and intricate fabrics in silks and satin caress the bodies of models in visions of glamour, romance and fantasy. Adorned by supermodels and worn by celebrities, today’s underwear choices are given as much attention as their outer components with an aim to achieve that 'feel good factor'.
Piège offers quality lingerie which is soft, comfortable and feminine. Every woman who wears it can feel these qualities - Will Rojas Fort
One recognisable alluring Parisienne pearl is Piege lingerie. Since its initiation in 2008, this family run company is currently governed by its creator Felina who brings a pedigree to the brand that not many other corsetry companies can lay claim to. They operate with a philosophy of "providing some of the world´s most intimate apparel with the qualities of seduction, refinement and a comfortable fit." The collections have been tried and tested to the critics satisfaction and have attracted a large social media following on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram on an international scale.

Piege Collection - Victoria Noir
The main ranges of Piège are composed of high end staples such as bras, panties, thongs, bustier, garter and suspender belts as well as day and nightwear. Their European inspired designs capture the essence of the beauty of nature with a distinctly feminine, French insouciance thanks to understated elegance of their range of undergarments and the constitution of detailing on their ranges which have achieved international acclaim.

The two main collection options of ´Timeless´ or ´Seduction´ offer the key elements of bra, lower body and lingerie pieces in an array of sizes ( from 85A to 125F) and a full palette of colours and patterns alongside a range of individual elements with numerous options for design and support with an ode to timeless elegance and seduction. The full range is available in several costs options ranging from the more basic up to the higher end options with their delicate embroidery and finishes that come in ´Noyon Lace´ which is the renowned to be the finest in the world. So, from the timeless collection of Delphine with its gently piped lace finish to the seductive aesthetic of Amadine´s sheer panelling, every mood and budget can be accomodated with style and grace.

Piege lingerie is available in over 300 multi-brand stores internationally. Showroom 360 Iberia stocks the full sample range in their city centre premises and also positions the brand within high-profile outlets. You can visit their "Window Shopping" category regaularly where you will be able to see the store windows that they have featured, showcasing their love for visual and in-store merchandising.

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