Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thakoon: Ten Years Later

TIME flies - when you work in fashion.Thakoon Panichgul celebrates 10 years in the industry this year (he was a fashion writer first) and to mark the occasion the designer has officially launched a full handbag line.

"I've been working towards this for a while but I wanted to do it right. For me bags are more subtle and even more a part of a woman's wardrobe than clothes - they're an investment. A bag has to work with the clothes," said the designer this week, making a whistle-stop visit to the capital to toast his anniversary before getting back to prepare for New York Fashion Week (for which he tells us he's in a fantasy mood).

"Ten years is actually a long time, but it's actually short in fashion, so it's really a second phase," he said, reflecting on the fashion moments - the highlights, the mistakes and oddities - that have joined him along the way.

"There have been so many. I think I'm a true fashion person at heart and I always loved looking at fashion magazines. To be a part of this is still humbling," he recalled - confessing that he felt like he was "poser" when he worked as a fashion writer and though he was adept at writing a caption or two ("Because you'd have to communicate so much in something short"), it was hanging out in designers' studios that he loved the most. Weekend internships with them, plus classes at Parsons School of Design and his fashion transition was complete.

"There was a moment when I went to the premiere of The September Issue and I didn't know what to expect and I didn't even know the role I had in the film. Everyone in the industry who I respect was there. Sitting there watching them watching me was a crazy moment," he remembered. Has he watched the film since? "I haven't, I won't watch it."

Film roles aside, Thakoon's focus is on the expansion of his much-adored label - bags the first step, more with his secondary Addition ine and a store eagerly in his sights.

"For me it's important to create a visual language to all customers over the world and a store would definitely do that," he asserted.

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