Thursday, November 27, 2014

Extreme Marketing: DIESEL

Diesel's new denim range falls under the umbrella concept of weather, which includes three main categories: tornado, wind and rain. Each reflect respective weather conditions through rips, fades and washes make Diesels new range the must have denim this winter.

Lets have some fun in extreme conditions: The carwash fashion show

Carwash Fashion Show
Diesel likes to do things differently. That’s why we’ve created a Diesel fashion show with a twist. See beautiful people get trashed as they experience a real life carwash. If you thought seeing a catwalk model fall over in high heels was funny, just wait till you see this!

In Store Weather Simulation
Let’s get the punters involved! Place a capsule that simulates weather conditions in-store
and give people a chance to try out the denim in a storm.

Live Feed Window Displays
A live feed to screens in the window display and to ad banners will create even more attention.

All clips are placed on a YouTube channel for all to enjoy. And top rated videos deserve top rated prizes – get shed loads of hits and you could soon find yourself in Tutunendo, Columbia, the wettest place on earth (locals claim that once it rained non stop for 836 days!).

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