Sunday, April 12, 2015

Join The Jet Set

With the the sun making its long-awaited appearance this week, thoughts are naturally turning to lighter layers that bridge the gap between work and play. Luckily for us, Rachel Zeilic and Sue-Ann San, co-founders of Stylestalker, started thinking about it while we were all still cocooned in our cashmere, making the timing of their newly launched fashion label, The Jet-Set Diaries, perfect. 

"Jet-Set is more boho, more embellished and detailed, whereas Stylestalker is crisp and clean," Zeilic explained of the difference between her two creations. "You'd find the Jet-Set girl chilling on a yacht off the coast of Capri, while the Stylestalker girl is hustling on her career in NY or London."

The new collection is markedly different - not only in its aesthetic, but in its variety, offering, "pieces that you would throw on and go to the beach, and also pieces that you might wear to Cannes Film Festival or even to your own wedding," according to Zeilic, at a range of affordable prices.

"It's all about working really hard to source the best, high-quality fabrics that fit within a price range," revealed Zeilic. "Sure, if we could make everything out of silk it would be gorgeous, but the prices would go through the roof, so you have to be clever about it. Also, we have spent seven years constantly trialling and improving the factories we work with and production process, so we feel we're at a great place now."

Working on something new and fresh appealed immensely to Zeilic and San, with no statistics as to what works or what sells well, they "designed what we wanted to wear without overthinking it." Whatever the thought process, it has proved fruitful, with ASOS among the major retailers picking up the collection in its first season.

"We sourced The Jet-Set Diaries on a buying trip to the US and fell in love with the brand's summer collection," Nikki Tattersall, branded director at ASOS, told us. "Their modern bohemian collection is perfect for summer and we knew that our customer would love the laid-back luxe vibe that it offers."

Aimed at "confident, sexy, free-spirited girls who are jet-setters, in their real lives or at least in their dreams," the brand is a no-brainer when it comes to nailing authentic bohemia - wherever you are - this season.

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