Monday, May 14, 2012

Katy Perry Models for Adidas

Between stirring up controversy with militaristic music videos, romancing male models, and posing for Adidas‘ new campaign, Katy Perry sure has been keeping busy lately!

The ads feature the blue-haired pop star running, smiling, popping her collar, and sitting atop a merry-go-round, all in Adidas’ new ClimaCool collection. Now, we realize this is no Chanel campaign, but we’re still a little perplexed with the poor photoshop job and the too-obvious roots.

The retouchers seem to have gotten a little airbrush-happy here, especially in that first photo. We eagerly await the day when the eery, plastic-skin look is no longer de rigueur.

What do you think? Does she give ‘boyfriend’ Baptiste Giasbiconi a run for his money?

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