Sunday, February 8, 2015

Inside Kirsty Hume's Comeback Campaign

After 10 years away from the fashion limelight, Kirsty Hume had to plan her return carefully - and chose a campaign for British brand Jaeger as her first big job. It will come as no surprise to fans of the LA-based Scottish-born beauty that the brand that secured her would be British - since maintaining a connection with her homeland is of utmost importance to her.

"I wanted to wait for the right project to come along before I jumped back in," she told us from her home in LA - fresh from dropping daughter Violet off at school. "I still feel very connected to my roots and in some ways I felt that my history is Jaeger's history. I've always loved textiles, and that Jaeger's origins is in natural fibres too, so the brand really resonates with me. Particularly since some of the styles are produced in Scotland, with Johnson's of Elgin, it just struck a chord. It felt right."

For the shoot itself, Jaeger enlisted Hume's younger cousin, Samantha Davidson, helping create images that speak of the historical lineage of the brand - classic style passed down through the generations. So how did the 19-year-old fare on set with her big cousin?

"It was such an amazing experience," Hume told us. "We're so familiar and comfortable with each other, and she just instinctively knew what to do. She was so professional, and felt really comfortable I think. I didn't give her any advice, she's done a bit of modelling already, so she knew what to do."

Admitting that her style was influenced by her mother, and that Samantha in turn was probably influenced by her, Hume found it very easy to choose favourites from the "contemporary yet classic" offering.

"I loved the duster coat in suede, it felt like it was classic but also really tied in with my bohemian style," she said. "There were so many classic pieces: silk shift dresses, safari-inspired pieces, just things that are beautiful but easy at the same time. I'm a working mum, and so many of the pieces that we wore in the shoot work so well with my lifestyle."

Away from Jaeger, Hume is as busy as when we last spoke. So what can we expect from her in 2015?

"More modelling hopefully," she revealed. "I'll be walking in a few shows... Maybe London - I don't know yet, we'll see! And I'm really focusing on my knitwear collection. We're still at the research and development stage; I'm working on the designs and looking for the right people to work with, but that's definitely what I'm working on right now."

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