Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Recognising Anne of Antwerp

Anne has been nominated  for one of the top Belgian business awards,"Womed 13".

But, we are not referring to one of our favourite fashion designers Anne Demeulemeester, instead to Anne Chapelle the C.E.O. of  fashion house BVBA 32  who acts as a primary investor in labels such as Anne Demeulemeester , Haider Ackermann and  Jean Paul Lespagnard.

Anne Chapelle. Copyright New York Times.

Her criteria of electing to support designers, simply because “She likes their work”, was initially questioned by more of her dollar driven competitors. However, by providing a little help and a lot of love, her original humanistic investment in designer Haider Ackermann has recently seen him receive glowing reviews for his Autumn / Winter 2012 -13 collection.

Haider Ackermann: A/W 2012-13. Copyright Multiple Fashion Disorder.

From humble beginnings within the healthcare and pharmaceuticals’ industry to a power house within the fashion world, she is conclusive proof that you can wear your heart on your sleeve, and attain success.
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