Friday, January 20, 2012

Barcelona Fashion Events A/W 2012

The close of January sees an end to many  events in  Barcelona. The closure of festivities, the longer, warmer days (yes, already) and two of the most prestigious fashion events commencing within  Barcelona for 2012.

Barcelona Fashion Week (Which labels itself as 080)  and The Brandery (A showcase for designers, trends, fashion and creativity) commence on Barcelona from  January (25th to 28th for 080, and the 27th - 29th for The Brandery respectively).

Having worked at London Fashion Weeks, and frequently attending Paris Fashion Weeks, I am intrigued to see what will be served in the fashion stakes.Will the style and designers live up to the architecture and artisitic inspiration of the city?

Join us next month as we attend the shows, check out the styles, the designers, the locations, the celebrities and the events. Presenting a full and unabridged account of fashion in the city from the Autumn / Winter 2012 shows.

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