Monday, November 1, 2010

Military Fashion: Women's Military Clothing Trend.

Military Fashion.

Military fashion as a trend is nothing new, but while fashion trends tend to burn out within a few years, the women's military fashion trend isn't going anywhere, though like all true fashion trends in 2010 the military trend will evolve. Gone (but not quite) are the decadent lashings inspired by  the military uniforms of the Victorial and Georgian era's. Rather, military is now about functionality and utility. And, if the 18th and 19th centuries originally inspired  women's military fashion, then it's true to say that in 2010, it's inspired by the military uniforms of the  20th centuary.

Think functionality. Think understatement.

Functional military clothing in 2010.

Perhaps understatement is the wrong word for the military trend for Autumn / Winter 2010. After all, there are obvious military connotations - they're just not as obvious as in past years.

Key Elements.

Women's military fashion runs parallel to the new mens military fashion trend in that there are several key motifs:
  • Army green is the colour, followed a distant second by navy.
  • A great coat / military jacket is the key piece for the Autumn / Winter wearing of the style.
  • If army green is the trend's colour, then shearling is it's fabric. And that's because of it's dual use as a an embellishment on aviator boots / military fashion boots and a coat's collar.

How to wear it in 2010.

For the military fashion trend pick from the two key looks: army and aviator.While the army interpretation is all about army greens it can still be broadly interpreted and we've seen it styled successfully with everything from cropped shearling collared coats to loose fitting cargo pants.

A word of warning though: we have the odd occurrence of camouflage print, we'd recommend you avoid it for the time being - it's simply too soon for  a come back.

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