Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Chanel Launches Perfume Pencils

It's official and your obsession for the day! These four Chanel Chance Perfume Pencils are everything you need to make sure you're on top of the fashion game. Perfect for a discreet top-up at any time of the day, these new versions of the Chanel's iconic perfume, Chance, now come in the form of Perfume Pencils and have everything to make us fall in love.

It's all thanks to, one, their retractable nib allowing for a very soft application on the skin, two, their adorable travel case in which they are alighted like pens in a pencil box and finally, three, the four amazing scents inside each perfect for a different mood during the day. From a dose of optimism with Chance, the energizing effect of Eau Fraîche, the softness of Eau Tendre or the boost of Eau Vive, we now have everything to bring us good luck with just one stroke of the pencil.

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