Thursday, July 25, 2013

Helena Christensen Shines In Photoshoot

Nothing says "I feel great in my forties" more than throwing off your clothes and posing with a figurine of a swan in front of your private parts. And that's exactly what 44-year-old model Helena Christensen has done in a bid to show off her amazing figure.

Helena Christensen At 44
The star stripped off during a photo shoot for the new issue of Future Claw Magazine and basically looked absolutely stunning in the process. In one shot, the fashion model can be seen sitting on a chair in just her birthday suit and, yes, with her boobs proudly on display, what of it?

In another more conservative picture (if it can be described as that) Helena can be seen dressed in nothing but a skimpy bra and see through underwear which leaves very little to the imagination. In the magazine's cover image Helena flirtatiously poses with her son's pet lizard, of all things, and pouts as if she is about to give the creature a kiss.

The shoot took place in her New York apartment and the fashionista styled herself in her own clothes for the pictures. And in addition to posing for various other pictures, Helena also spewed some words out of her mouth to speak about other people's banging bodies and how people can get their hands her.

At Home With Helena
When asked who she thinks has the best body in the world, she replied: "All the naked women in [photographer] Helmut Newton's pictures. They were long, lean, toned and yet feminine and curvaceous."

She also gave male fans an insight into what they might have to do if they want to get their hands on Helena's amazing body. When asked what she looks for in a man, she said: "[They have to] make me laugh, love and feel. And make me feel I do the same for him."

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