Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Making Of A Couture Bride

Go to couturier of princess brides the world over, Ralph & Russo has never had a problem creating the requisite drama with its show finale. Always heavily embellished and full-skirted, the bridal outing this season was just a little more grown-up. A Victorian neckline and covered-up silhouette - often required by the high-profile Middle Eastern and Asian brides serviced by the British label - were offset by a slimmer, more sensual, line over the hips. And who better to sport it than a model with an angelic face but devastating curves?

Brazilian former Victoria´s Secret model Ana Beatriz Barros - sporting her own gargantuan and newly acquired engagement ring - was apprehensive on her first catwalk trial with the dress, but a handful of the 100 plus skilled artisans soon put her mind at rest.

"It was heavy when I first tried it, but then they did something magical, I don't know, and now it's perfect," Barros smiled backstage before the show of the usually inordinately heavy creation. "I'm getting married later this year and I thought I would want something simple, but maybe Tamara will convince me."

Tamara Ralph - also engaged, to business partner Michael Russo, but reportedly no closer to finding a gap in the schedule to plan her own wedding - smiled at the suggestion of secret couture wizardry.

"Ana asked what we had done but of course," she smiled coyly, "we can't reveal couture secrets."

The gown, as always, was a labour of love between Ralph and her dedicated team. Client orders can be a year in the making, and the show's bridal offering - available to only one lucky bride per territory - is most in demand of all.

"We chose Ana because she really epitomised the Ralph & Russo bride this season," Ralph told us. "She's elegant but she's strong. We wanted to do gold this season, and very covered up, and although it's quite simple, there is 700 metres of Chantilly lace in the dress, and hundreds of hours of hand embroidery."

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