Thursday, December 17, 2015

Siluz Omkar - Cool Catalan Couture

Towards the East of Barcelona lies PobleNou, a barrio which is achieving sustained success as an up and coming digital / creative business hub. According to Barcelona Activa, several new enterprises locate there every week, founding links with Catalan supercities association with quality and design. With trade and industry figures getting stronger, Spain is once more putting itself (and its creative capabilities) on the map.

Several months ago, American shopping mecca, Bene Rialto chose twelve emerging designers from Spain to showcase in the U.S market through collaboration a with the Trade Commission of Spain. The three part event ´Fashion from Spain´ allowed them to enjoy international exposure from buyers, showrooms and the general public alike. One such emerging label which was well received is the classically inspired contemporary tailoring and couture collections of Siluz Omkar.

Founded in October 2014 by partners and Yoga teachers Luis Puchades and Teresa Candela, they operate as creative directors with their headquarters in PobleNou. Their brand has already made a solid international impact in the media with their showrooms in Paris and Singapore. Escalating sales in Asia and the Middle East are achieving regular fashion follwoing on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram alongside several private commissions.

Our brand Siluz Omkar, is a play on words. An anagram of my name and reference to the importance yoga has in our lives. Our aim is to fill the world with organic and sustainable beauty.

The design philosophy of the company bases its values on the skills of contemporary tailoring and sewing to create wearable pieces of art which are addressed to the international luxury market. Using a vertical creative development model allows them to efficiently control the quality and innovation of the design process for optimal design engineering and fabric creation. With a solid appreciation for technical pattern formation and attention to detail, this allows them to create three tiered collections within their brand architecture; Contemporary Tailoring, Linen Cocktail and Evening Wear.

The main showroom space pays homage to the brands most recent collection. A sun kissed loft style volume presents a well ordered array of all the various components of the collection. The casual, sport lux elements with leather skirts (€900) sit next to several Avant Garde offerings infused with transparent plastics and exquisite tailoring. Then, contemporary tailored elements (like their re-iterpretation of the YSL ´Le Smoking Jacket´(€1850)) which can be mixed and matched out with their paired sets for a more dynamic and versatile wardrobe.

Across the room, the couture section takes pride of place. Several strong key pieces such as a full length coat wool coats with wood trimming and transformable cocktail dress in the shape of an Orchid which can be added or expanded by ingenious secret fixings. Next to this, a spiritually inspired wooden trim dress with breathable membrane fabric (€4000) allows any Mediterranean guest to look good and keep cool with minimal effort. The collection has several concurrent themes of the Orient and Botanics running through it. Organic formations in the shape of Magnolia leaves are formed in cotton and leather mixes which adorn these contemporary pieces with beautiful, curious details such as handmade buttons.

Lluis explained that the manufacturing ethos of the brand; ´ before we search and select the fabrics for the collection, all the patterns are developed in order to choose materials of the highest quality that are best suited to fulfil the ultimate goal of each product. Some of the fabric we develop through collaboration with the textile company to attain maximum exclusivity. Our clothes are limited edition, making a maximum of 200 pieces per model.´

In the near future, we will be looking to develop a menswear range alongside complimentary accessories such as bags and shoes as the ranges and brand develop.

With the focus of being a leader within the international market, Siluz Omkar is currently compiling a creative team to perform the design and communication task . This investment will seek to reinstate the timeless craft of tailoring and artisanal sewing which was lost during the recent economic recession. As a further philanthropic act, their code of practice aims to source 90% of the raw materials and manufacturing companies from Spanish soil as an investment and dedication to their core business model.

Preparations are currently under way for the formation of their autumn/winter 2016 collection as well as expanding their international presence to New York, Saudi Arabia, Milan and Tokyo whilst continuing reconnaissance within the markets of Central America, Panama, Mexico and Columbia. Additional Transatlantic, Asian and Middle East partnership plans will see a greater market place presence within the next five years.

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