Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gucci´s British Love Affair Continues

Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele's love affair with Britain looks set to continue - for at least another three years that is. The fashion house has announced its plans to partner with the historic Chatsworth House until 2019 on a cultural programme that will focus on fashion and style.

"There is a layered beauty to the way Alessandro Michele blends the historic and the contemporary in his collections, this is mirrored in the way Chatsworth has evolved over many hundreds of years with each generation making their own contribution, layer upon layer to the house and landscape," Laura Burlington - whose husband, the Earl of Burlington, is the heir to the estate - told us.

Michele's affection for our fair isle is well documented. Having worked in London for years under Tom Ford while he was at the helm, he held the Gucci pre-spring/summer show in Westminster Abbey last week - the campaign for which he intends to imminently shoot at Chatsworth House. 

"From punk rock to Capability Brown landscape gardens, Michele often takes inspiration from a wide range of British sources," read a statement from the brand. "Citing a British attitude in his work - a quality he defines as a love of eclecticism - Michele sees Chatsworth as a natural partner for Gucci. Chatsworth, like Westminster Abbey, speaks of Gucci's desire to engage with British culture in a broad and genuine way."

It's the second time this week that Gucci's future plans have been revealed. On Monday, we reported CEO Marco Bizzari's intention to grow the brand by more than double the market average, forecasting revenues at an unprecedented €6 billion for the long term. The Chatsworth House collaboration, however, won't have to wait that long to bare fruit. A yet-to-be-announced exhibition, the estate's largest to date, is slated to run from March to October next year. Stay tuned.

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