Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Alicia's Clueless Moment

While the CFDA Awards celebrate all that is current in fashion, for Alicia Silverstone this week's New York ceremony presented the opportunity to revisit one of her most famous sartorial moments from over 20 years ago in her hit film Clueless.

"I haven't worn red in a long time," the actress told People, "but red's fun because it was so iconic with Clueless. I don't think I've worn a red dress since then."

The actress's famous character, Cher Horowitz, has sparked sartorial inspiration ever since she debuted on the big screen, most notably during the recent Nineties revival. From her white Calvin Klein dress - which then creative director Francisco Costa agreed to remake in 2010 - to her head-to-thigh tartan two-piece, throwback photos are never far from a social-media feed.

And it seems the affection for the character stretches to Silverstone herself. Asked whether or not she intended to make the connection with her most famous character to date, she replied, "No, but that's really good."

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