Friday, September 4, 2015

Why Tom Feels Less Sexy

Tom Ford may have built his name by bringing the sex factor to his collections but, while the designer lived and breathed the look he was selling in the past, he has revealed that he feels very different now.

"I feel less sexy now that I'm a father and actually there's a scientific reason for that," he explained to Mr Porter. "I read that men who are the primary care-givers of children have lower testosterone levels. It drops, according to some reports, because nature wants the man to stay with the children and not let them wander off. Now I don't know if my testosterone levels have dropped or not, I haven't had them tested, but I feel less sexy, definitely."

Science aside, the former party boy also attributes his new-found calm to laying off the alcohol that, he said, used to perpetuate his behaviour.  "I was a highly functioning alcoholic. I think I did a lot of things creatively that I probably wouldn't have done had I been sober - in the end, they kind of all worked to my advantage," he openly admitted. "I suppose stopping drinking made me feel less sexy, too. I think that being drunk all the time used to fuel, and I don't mean my sex drive, but my… you know, I did a lot of things with Terry Richardson, that I wouldn't have otherwise done."

It is, however, all a part of a grander plan - it would be unlike Ford not to want to dictate and curate his own life path in the same way that he has our wardrobes for the best part of the last three decades after all.

"I used to plan what I was going to look like at 50 years old," he smiled. "Yeah, I was going to have some grey right here - which I have decided not to have for the moment - I was going to have more hair, but other than that I am exactly what I thought I was going to be."

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