Thursday, September 17, 2015

Style Now Shanghai Comes To Town

Shanghai Fashion Week has come to London this month in the form of the exhibition Seven Faces of An Amazing Life - a part of the Style Now Shanghaicampaign featuring an edit of China's finest fashion designers and artists - to celebrate 2015 being the official UK/ China Year Of Cultural Exchange.

The exhibit comprises seven imaginative sections: Teen Spirit; Street Mavericks; Geometry - Maths Is Fun!; Talking To A Plant; Island Saga; Awakening; and Reclothing Bank which each feature contributions from at least two designers or artists. Central Saint Martins' graduates Angel Chen, Zhang Yuhao, Dido Liu and Momo Wang form a part of the designer contingency, while Shi Zhiying, Zhang Ruyi, Uma Yang, and Liu Zhenchen are the renowned artists featured.

The result is an energetic and vibrant showcase, that promotes the fresh and uninhibited talent that is currently emerging from the country, and in turn making headlines around the world.
Although China has long history, it maybe only has 20 years of fashion history - it's very youngLV Xiao Lei, vice-secretary general of Shanghai Fashion Week

"This is the year of culture exchange between the UK and China and so we want to combine the creativity of fashion and art and bring it to London to present the most contemporary of Chinese fashion to the UK audience," LV Xiao Lei, vice-secretary general of Shanghai Fashion Week told us at the launch of the exhibition yesterday. "A lot of young people go to Europe or America to study fashion and then go back to China. They not only bring back the knowledge of what they have learnt but how the business side of things should be."

Its presence in the capital during London Fashion Week is a pertinent one, given China's increasing presence and influence on the international fashion scene, and - since it's a stone's throw from many of the LFW show locations - the opportunity to see the creations up close shouldn't be missed.

"Although China has long history, it maybe only has 20 years of fashion history - it's very young," continued Lei. "We want to communicate to new audiences that the contemporary aesthetic of Chinese fashion is this - it's not all dragon motifs."

Seven Faces Of An Amazing Life is on now at The Hospital Club, 24 Endell Street.

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