Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Say ´I Do´ With Olivia Von Halle

Ivia Von Halle has long had us wrapped around her little finger on the loungewear front, and now she is about to delight brides-to-be with a collection all of their own. Launching next month, her bridal collection may be new, but it has been years in the making.

"Growing up I loved listening to tales of how my beautiful and glamorous great-grandmother had spent her teenage years sewing her wedding trousseau. It was an beautiful collection of silk nightwear, lingerie, linen and clothing," von Halle told us. "This was stored in an ancient cedar trunk that she would take with her to her new home when she got married - she was terribly romantic and used to look through the box and dream of her future life. I was inspired by this idea of starting your married life afresh with a beautiful collection of pieces which would see you through your wedding day, honeymoon and into married life."

Von Halle has more than done her ancestor proud. The new arsenal comprises hand-corded lace and Italian silk that is sculpted into chemises, pyjamas and nightgowns - and, of course, there are a few playful elements in there too.

"Having got married very young in a bright pink catsuit my friends were quite surprised that I have created such a refined, feminine collection but I absolutely love it," said von Halle. "My style has evolved a lot since I got married seven years ago, I just wish I could get married again now! To the same man of course!"

The designer has already got plenty of experience under her belt, as many brides have worn her mainline on their big day, but creating this new collection gave her the opportunity to focus her attentions. Having been there and done it, she is well placed too.

"I think that brides are looking for something really special - these are pieces that will have huge significance for them as they start their married life, and I hope they'll look back on all the things they choose with great fondness," she explained. "Also, there are so few occasions in life when you can justify being completely extravagant - getting married was a new stage of my life and I wanted to celebrate the occasion with beautiful things!"

Extravagance here is justified - whether you have impending nuptials or not. The Olivia von Halle bridal collection launches in May on

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