Saturday, January 21, 2012

Episode Fashion Management : Marketing Campaign 2012

 We recently commissioned top North West beauty and portrait photographer, Rory Lewis to provide us with a series of fashion orientated marketing images.

Over the past year, our company has gone from strength to strength, and we felt that our market place identity and re branding strategy could benefit from some excellent portraiture. We were not disappointed.

Rory Lewis, a close friend, esteemed colleague and mentor came to Barcelona for the shoot, which took place in the amply equipped Shoot 115, in down town Barcelona.

Lasting one full day, we had a chance to meet and network with excellent creative talent ( Hair and Make Up Sheila Serrano), (Models Jasmin and William), and ( Gus and Miguel  at Shoot 115).

This culminated with an exterior shoot within the surreal backdrop of Gaudi's Park Guell, nestled high above Barcelona, where I gave an interview on my company, the fashion industry on 2011, and my plans for 2012.

Always the director, I then turned the tables on Rory Lewis  to find out what his plans were after a very successful 2011 which saw him shoot campaigns for clients like Vidal Sassoon and Selfridge's (Manchester).

Check out Rory's dramatic web presence design which showcases his technical perfection in the form of a gallery, along with a full interactive blog.  Rory Lewis Photographer  which contains a treasure trove of photography out takes, tips and advice for any professional, amateur or fashionista interested in this visionaries work.

For additional information and images, please check out our campaign and multimedia  from this link. Episode Fashion Management Campaign

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