Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kate Moss Laid Bare

Kate Moss was laid bare - and then filled with champagne - at the launch of the 34 Kate Moss coupe.
Kate Moss
Hot London restaurant 34, off Grosvenor Square, hosted a private lunch to show off its new champagne coupes designed from a mould of Kate Moss's breasts to celebrate the model's fortieth birthday and her 25 years in the fashion business.

Fashion Friends
The glasses were created by British artist Jane McAdam Freud, daughter of the late Lucian Freud, who famously painted Kate in 2002.

"The plaster felt quite heavy," said Kate, drawing Kate's silhouette in the air as she explained the process of the modelling of her body shape.

Phillip Green
Kate was wearing a taut tail coat by Bella Freud, mannish trousers by Saint Laurent, high heels from Christian Louboutin, and a glamorous shoulder bag by Bulgari.

The coupe designer explained the process: the original mould was made from the malleable pink gummy material used by dentists, before the basic shape was created in glass with a lacy Thirties decorative pattern added.

The End Result
The idea came from the early invention of the champagne coupe, or cup, supposedly modelled around Marie Antoinette's left breast.

Over a first course of salmon and salad, Kate and friends seemed to have no problem emptying the champagne glasses to look at the handiwork inside.

Keeping A-Breast Of The Party
The Kate coupes will be used in the 34 restaurant and its private upstairs Tracey Emin room, where drawings by the British artist offer more bared breasts on which to build a glass - or two.

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