Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Marc Jacobs For Louis Vuitton

Modes of travel are obviously on Marc Jacobs’ mind when he puts on his Louis Vuitton hat: we’ve had elevators, a carousel, and even a steam train in the LV seasonal tent at the Carousel de Louvre. (I’m really hanging out for models arriving on an elephant one season). This time, however, they came two by two down four escalators and marched along a giant white and yellow checked runway.

The show was punctual, as usual, and with the way things ran it was all done and dusted in just six minutes. MJ even raced down the escalators to take his bow. I’m not sure why it was hurried, but it was a rush in every sense of the word — the set, the production, and the clothes were faultless.
Marc Jacobs For Vuitton
Picking up where he left off with Marc Jacobs in New York, the collection was super mod, this time with 60s shapes and beehive hair-dos. Inspired by an artwork by conceptual artist Daniel Buren, Marc took a very disciplined approach to silhouette and skirt length — working with the three different lengths (mini, mid and maxi) in blocks.

LV’s signature Damier pattern in both big and small checks was the reoccurring motif and appeared mostly in yellow and white, and black and white. I’m amazed the pattern did not feel like overkill, but it was perfectly balanced and extremely effective.

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