Wednesday, December 5, 2012

David Beckham : Fashion Designer

David Beckham is set to retire from football next year but, with wife Victoria busy giving him ideas for his next career more, it seems unlikely that he'll be disappearing into a world of playing golf and bingo!

According to sources, Victoria Beckham has turned from WAG to NAG in her attempts to get hubby David thinking about the future,and she's been trying to persuade him to follow her lead and start up his own fashion line:

“She doesn’t want him to become lazy after he retires [so] She’s suggested he goes into partnership with her design label and does the men’s range."

We quite like the idea of him inspiring more and more men to look and dress just like him, actually - Victoria could be onto something with that idea!

David Beckham
However, being ever considerate, Victoria Beckham has also come up with a few other suggestions for her hubby to tackle in his post-retirement days: “Victoria has also said he’d make a perfect sports anchor on TV."

Despite all of her best efforts, dad of four David seems to have something far more relaxing in mind: "He just wants to rest and have a break.”

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