Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our top designer at Barcelona Fashion Week : Celia Vela

In the tenth edition of 080 Barcelona, Celia Vela has presented  a collection for  SS/2013  which is cautious, but elegant. Under the summer sun, he worked a few looks, with all key pieces containing a black primer.

His  designs  were  mixed building silhouettes that were sophisticated, elegant, sober and yet very worked. His technique is based upon  modeling the fabric and  generating textures, playing with transparency and light volumes.

The show ran rhythmically, subtly introducing his most glamorous and rocking, first with small panels pailettes, then with a shirt and tie organza emerald green, concluding with a magenta brocade printed on a jacket and then in a dress detailed cutting.

The collection was a play of structure and texture made by squeezing tissue qualities and materiality. That way it creates new fabrics, new textures and overlapping work garments become portable, desirable and even essential.

First we saw a collection evolutionary worked with a perfect blend of glamour, casual chic and sympathy.

Each piece takes us to different scenarios. We see at night, an option for  sober or dance and debauchery attire. Then later, sophisticated or casual is cleverly presented. And, finally the morning, sunbathing or in the cool of the office is the call of the day rounding this universal collection.

All women's needs are covered, and in them all, an element of gratitude was presented.

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