Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marc By Marc Jacobs.

Inevitably, all roads lead back to the seventies for Marc Jacobs. That’s true for Marc Jacobs, the label, too, and as of Tuesday, his Marc by Marc Jacobs fall collection.

As I am writing this, I am kind of kicking myself for it, because, really, you’re not surprised, are you? If I had told you 1670s, well, maybe, but we are talking about the gleaming, throbbing, Shelley Hack 1970s here, and that is like telling you the sun will rise and fall each and every day: You know it already. But, actually, it’s a surprise, because here’s the thing—for season after season now, Jacobs has mined all sorts of the nexuses between street style, pop culture, and music for Marc—from the X-Ray Spex punk days of the seventies, to the shambling acoustic pop of the Marine Girls eighties (go check them out; it’s why God gave us YouTube), to the acid-rave nineties.

All young, young, young. Yet fall was, instead, all grown-up, a collection of great pieces—the likes of a gold leather cardigan, a striped camel blanket coat, and a yellow-gold velvet dress, all of which were worn with shearling wedge booties or high oxfords, a great example of the man’s shoe cantilevered onto a heel that has been around this past week. Jacobs caught a little of the glossy, fetish hardness that was slicked all over his Marc Jacobs collection Monday, but softened with his fluid, looser seventies-isms that will introduce a whole new generation of girls to looking dressed up without eschewing fun. And that can only be good.

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