Thursday, December 7, 2017

Have Yourself A Very Cara Christmas

Just before hosting her megawatt Burberry Christmas party, the supermodel and actress sat down with Vogue to talk about how to do the festive season Delevingne style. This year, she's heading home to the countryside to spend it with "My sisters, my mum and dad, all my nieces and nephews and cousins." The clan indulge in classic Christmas traditions including Christmas stockings, carol singing, secret Santa and the Queen's speech. As well as handing out the presents from under the tree it’s Cara’s job to direct epic rounds of charades, Perudo and Cards Against Humanity. "I'm the games master."

The dress code? Cara loves a Christmas jumper and comes armed with enough animal onesies for the whole family, "because I want everyone to wear the same thing for three days." If there's a party to go to, the model will break out her favourite fancy dress costumes: "Classic Elf or Father Christmas." Her tip for getting the dancing started? "I get people on the dancefloor by using mistletoe to lure them in," she says.

Gift shopping is a priority. "I buy presents all year round, but for Christmas, buying kids Christmas presents is my favourite thing, because it’s an excuse for me to be in a toy shop." On her shopping list this year are guitars and drum kits for the nieces and nephews, a life-sized unicorn for her mum and a fresh bone for her dog Leo. As for herself? The model says she doesn’t need presents because "every day is Christmas" for her. Instead, she will be giving to her favourite charities Lady Garden and Girl Up.

She’s looking forward to a busy 2018 with Life in a Year hitting screens (she shaved her head to play a cancer sufferer) plus filming the new Amazon sci-fi series Carnival Row. As for New Year’s resolutions, the supermodel puts giving up meat and adventurous travel on her to do list.

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